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Customized Macro

Kozy allows you to define your own customized macros. You can record key presses/mouse clicks and color conditions. Easy to use user interface let you define everything with few clicks. The custom macros work on every game!


There are two different custom macro button under the farm section and pk section.

Farm macros always start when the farm macro triggered. (Usually F11.)

PK macros can be controlled by using the key you have assigned.

Farm and PK sections

To activate, click on the button shown below:

Customized macro activation

Click on Start Recording button to record key presses and mouse clicks.

Customized macro start recording

Click on the same button again to stop recording.

Customized macro stop recording

The keys and delays(ms) can be adjusted even after the recording.

Color Condition

Click on the button which is pointed inside of the circle below to add a color condition for the specific one.

Customized macro color condition

To define a color condition:

1- Choose the Color option.

2- Click on the Select button and move your mouse to the pixel you want to take the color and press CTRL button.

3- Choose the option Equal or Not Equal which is suitable for you case.

4- Optional: give a name if it is need to be used for the other items of this customized macro.

Customized macro color condition window

If a name specified on previous section, that name(s) will be appear on top for the others.

Customized macro color condition list

The same condition can be used by choosing it from the list.

Customized macro color condition list items


There are other useful options that you can only setup by using Kozy. Click on the button shown below.

Customized macro options

On the options page:

1- Trigger Type:

Period: Default. Custom macro works by the period defined in main window.

When mob selected: Custom macro works whenever chosen new mob. (Mob selection on attack settings is required.)

2- Others:

Don’t conflict with attack heal etc.: It is so important one. Some skills like wolf, can not be used while making attack. This option can be used for those kind of macros.

Pause everything beforehand: It pauses Kozy completely before running the custom macro.

Customized macro options window


Share your customized macro with your friends!

Double arrow button on top of the window, allows sharing customized macros by copying it to clipboard.

Customized macro export

If there is any customized macro copied before, the same button is working on importing it.

Customized macro import


There is a capability to define multiple custom macros!

Click on the Save button.

Customized macro save

Give a two character name and click on the Save button.

Customized macro save window

Now, the separated custom macro is added to the main settings window.

Customized macro item on settings

To delete this, use the button shown below.

Customized macro delete item on settings

PK Section

There is a custom macro option on the PK section to use them on PK and have full control.

Customized macro pk

There is an option to assign a key to start/stop and no general settings button.

Even so, all the other capabilities are also enabled under this section.

Customized macro pk detail

Have fun!

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