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First Settings
Skill Bar
Skill Settings
Customized Macro

Make your own unlimited customized macros powered by color conditions!

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Let Kozy to upgrade your items. Even for moving screens!

Video Guide
Shield Change

Speed up your PK experience. Change your weapons in milliseconds even for two handed.

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Move your items to the VIP storage automatically while farming. Keep your inventory free.

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Remove Restore etc.

Instantly removes the skill you have!


The best skill spam for up to 4 skills with configurable speed.

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rr+skill combo with the very sensitive timing. It can be using for the PK and farm.

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Assassin combo with very sensitive timing. It can be using for the PK and farm.

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Select the monster you want to attack to. Prevent attacking on the other monsters.

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Heal, buff, ac, str, red book, malice and potions. Complete BP priest farming.

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Oto Heal, buff/ac, party ac/buff, group heal, malice. Detects party members automatically. Elegant priest genie experience.

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Mage staff combo with very sensitive timing. It can be using for the PK and farm.

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Use skills like meteor, nova, inferno, burst by clicking which location you want and every period you specified.

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Focus your PK. Kozymacro handle the HP and MP usage! Incredible experience with configurable working principle.

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Use potitions when HP or MP lower then expected.


The fastest archer 3-5 arrow combo ever. It is unique.

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Stable minor usage with configurable speed. Works with MP/HP potition.

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Use wolf with the auto wolf feature without any miss.

DEF 200/400/800

Use defense skills continuously.


Use the transformation scrool you want on every hour.

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Use the magic hummer by the time you configured.


Prepare the pet feed. Kozymacro handle the rest.

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Activate it, then the macro will stop if the location of the character changed. It can send discord notification as well!

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USKO and PVP style quake skills macro. It can be using with descent.

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Custom keys can be configured to press every given period. It may be used for buff, ac, sw scrolls or anything else.

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Party, HP state, GM protection and more. You don't have to stay on PC to hear about them.

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You can use the macro even if the game in window mode! You can watch the videos without stopping macro with video mode! (CTRL+F11)

Video Guide
kozy knight macro
kozy macro logo

Let's meet your best gameplay assistant, kozymacro. The Knight Online farming and PK have never been easiest like that.

secure knight macro

It is secure. Does not contain any illegal software.

play knight macro

Does not require much configuration. It works with just one start/stop button.


Made with love and developed by experienced developers.

kozy knight macro system usage

It is friend of your computer with using too low cpu and memory resources. (%0.01 cpu - 42mb ram)


Kozymacro has a detailed image and video tutorials.


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  • 06.07.2024 - 2.5.6.[5] update released!


    Fixed, mob selection issue. Moving to another mob on combo mode.

    Fixed, mob selection issue. Sopping attack when no visible mob HP.

  • 06.07.2024 - 2.5.6.[4] update released!


    Added, time based option to magic hummer.

    Fixed, VIP usage issue that happens on the second time.

    Fixed, asas combo knife cast.

    Fixed, video mode switch.

    Improved, skill existance check.

    Improved, TS functionality.

  • 14.06.2024 - 2.5.6.[3] update released!


    Added, captcha and click on mob for Rise. (In test.) Video.

    Asas combo improved.

    From now on, 'change weapon' can be configured by period.

    If minor on hp mode, it will wait to hp to decrease to use hp pot.

  • 05.06.2024 - 2.5.6.[2] update released!


    Updates and fixes on assassin combo, VIP, magic hummer and change weapon.

  • 31.05.2024 - 2.5.6 released!


    Missing assassian skills.

    2 more minor skills to place multiple minor skills to Kozy skill bar.

    R spam, attack spam options for all combo macros.

    Z press timer to stay on your slot. You can specify when the macro should press Z. e.g.: Click z on every 7 seconds for 5 monsters and wait 5 seconds after all.

    Options to use magic hummer by color change. Kozy will use magic hummer whenever your item need to repair.

    Mouse buttons to bind your macro trigger keys.

    Show hide binding for main window. You can easly hide and show Kozy.

    Set much more buttons like ALT button to custom macro and press key macros.

    Item upgrade support for moving upgrade windows.

    Reopen upgrade window support for faster upgrades. Even for moving upgrade windows.

    Skill definitions! Skills for your own character, like buff, ac, wolf will no longer be missed. Video.

    Parsec remote desktop support.

    Custom macro will accept numbers.

    Fast enable/disable shortcut for PK macro key bindings by default RIGHTCTRL.

    Slide macro.

    Video guide for custom macro. Video.


    Assassin combo! Video.

    Minor! Video.

    Change weapon whenever your item need to repair. No longer need to set a period. Video.

    Upgrade! Video.

    TS usage.

    During the farm mode, activated pk macros will continue to run after pause.

    Faster hp mp heal actions. It wil no longer click the X button before heal.


    Buff and heal to party members even on attack mode.

    Rise, merchant.

    To enable secondary imput modes, vc redist installations will be start automatically if needed.

    On secondary input mode, change shield and similar macros will work like a charm again! No more miss.


    Custom macro timing reset issue on pause.

    Wrong mouse clicks due to windows scaling factor. Kozy will work even on other windows scaling options like %125.

    Wrong mouse clicks on remote connnection for 2 secreens.

    Rise using potitions issue.

    Countdown that you can see on the icon above macro main window.

    Getting stuck on zero HP monsters.

    Conflict on more than one custom macros.

    Rise, healing to party members.

    Rise, mob selection.

    Some fixes on import, export settings functionality.

    Rise upgrade on 2k screens.

    Some issues on saving and importing of custom macro.

    Starting to attack before the heal complete, double heal.

  • 11.11.2023 - 2.5.5 released!


    Screen shot notification for given period.


    Using ts while healing the party members.

    Issues on using google remote desktop.

    Delete macro's double delete for some cases.



  • 07.10.2023 - 2.5.4 released!


    All beta updates.

    TeamViewer support.


    Custom macro click and press speeds.

  • 10.09.2023 - 2.5.4-beta.6 released!


    Google remote desktop support.

    Drag and drop support for custom macro.

    v2.5.4 (Beta)
  • 31.08.2023 - 2.5.4-beta.4 released!


    Remote desktop. (AnyDesk & RustDesk.)

    MacroRecorder. Your macros created with MacroRecorder will work seamlessly.

    Copy and paste your settings. You can copy settings by clicking on the arrows button where top of the settings window and save to a text file to use later.

    v2.5.4 (Beta)
  • 09.08.2023 - 2.5.4-beta.3 released!


    Keyboard and mouse enabled for remote control like google remote desktop.

    Your own macro can work from now on.

    v2.5.4 (Beta)
  • 01.08.2023 - 2.5.4-beta.2 released!

    Fixed: Mouse click issue on KO. Click for details.

    v2.5.4 (Beta)
  • 14.07.2023 - 2.5.4-beta.1 released!

    Fixed: Key presses issue on KO. Click for details.

    v2.5.4 (Beta)
  • 13.06.2023 - 2.5.3 released!


    Upgrade macro can be stopped when captcha appear.

    Cooldown times of some skills. (wolf etc.)

    Bigger values enabled for custom macro periods.


  • 01.05.2023 - 2.5.2 released!


    Merchant functionality.

    USKO style berserk echo.

    Coordinate selection to VIP.

    Stroke skill.

    Carnage skill.


    Custom macro period as ms.

    Warrior skill cool downs.

    Validation errors.


    PVP style berserk echo.

    Skill timings.


    Left click functionality which is provided as separately.

  • 14.02.2023 - 2.5.1 released!


    Multiple custom macro functionality.

    Share option to custom macro functionality.

    Rise, magic rpr item

    Tracking the period of changing weapon.



    Flood, to add random character to end of text.

    Basic attack functions and speed.

    Captcha. (Rise)


    Other improvements.

  • 17.11.2022 - 2.5.0 released!


    Custom macro functionality.

    Upgrade macro.

    Resolve captcha automatically. (Rise) (Powered by truecaptcha.org)

    Restore skills.

    Attack only if the monster HP is not full.

    Left handed weapon change for farming.

    Waiting low HP made optional for minor combo.

    Priests can use new party bar too. (Rise)


    Some of the skill timings.

    Priest attack combo with 2/3 skills.

    Missing heal issue during the normal attack.

    UI issues.

    Colors of the party list for accurate healing.

    Test button on monster body finder.


    Clicking on mob by color.

    Attacking to mob by name.

    Asas combo skill will rely your skill bar order.

    Change 21 weapon instead 12.

    MP finding. (Rise)

    Switching MP/HP for minor by capslock button instead of space.

    Performance improvements.


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Are you worrying about getting caught by server's scanning?

By using the kozymacro that created just for you, stay safer against the scans of the server you are playing.

When you buy your own kozymacro, the latest version available is compiled with a unique name and the download link is sent to your e-mail address.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any video guides?

Yes, to watch, click here. Also, you can find many image guide link above.

Do I get banned?

Kozy is %100 pure macro. It is not more insecure than the any other macro. Pay attention to the macro sanctions of the server you are playing.

Can I use same activation key on more than one PC at the same time?

No, you can use your activation key anywhere, any time but not at the same time. You should buy new keys to use kozy on multiple PCs at the same time.

Does it work for all client types?

Myko, PVP, USKO, KoreaKO, 21xx, 1299, 1098 so designed for working every client types.

Does it work on Rise Online?

Yes, use the section "Rise Online" on download window.

Is there anything to do for Rise Online?

Reset widgets and use windowed fullscreen. Keep the desktop and game resolutions same. Don't scale the game. If you are playing with priest, Use at most 1920x1080 for your desktop and game resolutions.

Does it work for multi client?

No, macro programs can only run on active window.

Does it work with window mode?


Is there auto loot?

No, you can use pet for looting.

What are the features of macro?

buff Buff ac ac, heal heal, malice malice, torment, parazit, massive, partybuff party buff, party ac, groupheal group heal for priest. It can use str and red book for BP priest farming.

wolf Wolf, defance 200 def 200, defance 400 def 400, def 800, minor minor, 3 arrows 5 arrows 3-5 arrows combo for rogue. assassin combo Asas combo for assassins.
pvp quake PVP style queue, berserk echo and battle cry for warrior.
staff combo Staff combo and the skills like nova nova/meteor etc. can be used.
attack auto attack, magic hummer magic hummer, TS and hp potion HP mp potion MP potions for every type of character. With hp potion smart HP/MP ability, can use potions during pk. You can watch the video TV movies when macro is running. GM protection can be activated. Flood on merchant. It is possible to attack for only selected monster. It can send discord notifications about the party and hp/mp status. pvp quake It can automatically store items on VIP storage. Your character can sit when idle.

HP/MP doesn't work correctly. What should I do?

Exit from the kozy program. Open it again. Make your HP and MP full. Rotate the game screen to align your HP/MP bar to anywhere else that has no any red or blue background. For example: red sky. Now, start the macro.

Extra things that you can try for Rise Online

- Settings -> Reset Widget -> Save.

Which functionalities are available during PK?

You can use Minor, 3-5 archer combo, atak combo, staff combo, asas combo and smart HP/MP during PK.

What is the Smart HP/MP?

Saves you the trouble of using potions during PK. The functionality that make this smartly and without any latency. Even, you can make vs. Priests can focus to using db or heal, archer, mage and warrior can focus the making attack. Makes it possible to put your potions to 7-8th order to your skill bar than you can use how you want the first rows of skill bar. How to use?

Can I watch TV movies when kozy macro is running?

Yes, absolutely. Press Ctrl+F11 when the video behind the game and the kozy macro is running. Now, you will be able to watch movies. Press Ctrl+F11 again to activate game. For Rise Online, you can use any window on front, if your HP/MP bar is visible on top (except mouse related actions.).

Can I know the party and hp/mp status when I AFK?

Discord notifications! Kozymacro can send discord notifications for that. How to configure?

Is there any way to feeding pet?

Yes! Just, activate the pet feeding on setting window. Also you can set the period by using field on the next area. Make sure you locate the feed to the top-rigt corner of your inventory.

My Character is moving when feeding the pet. How can I fix it?

It is Knight Online bug that happen when the clicking the "Confirm" button. Just, drag and drop the pet hp/mp window to behind of the confirm button.

Is there any way to protect from GM teleports?

Yes, but only for USKO. How to configure?

Is there any way to press some keys automatically?

Yes, follow the guide.

Character moving after opening the VIP feature. Macro clicks to the wrong coordinates. How can be fixed?

While the VIP feature is active, don't let attacking by genie or mouse macro. Don't scale frames, fonts. Use the default settings.